Nov 2017

Suchtube: YouTube search as a service

Let me introduce you Suchtube, Youtube search as a service.

SuchTube is a server and a CLI app to search videos on YouTube. It also comes with Slack integration, so you can search videos using a custom Slash Command:

/suchtube funny cats --random

The project is built with Node.js. You can found the source code (MIT licensed) and more documentation in GitHub:


The CLI allows you to search videos without leaving the terminal. Install globally it via:

> npm install -g suchtube

NOTE You we’ll need a YouTube Data API key loaded in your ENV (SUCHTUBE_YOUTUBE_DATA_API_V3). You can get one easily by creating a project here.


> suchtube funny cats
> suchtube football top goals --random --open

Or start the server:

> suchtube --server

Suchtube as a library

You can also use Suchtube in your Node.js app:

const suchtube = require('suchtube')'funny cats', { random: true }).then(video => {

Hope you like it!