About me

My name is Marc Anguera Insa (a.k.a. @markets), born in 1986. I'm living in Barcelona and I love to build things on the Internet. I'm a Lead Engineer and CTO of Crisalix and I co-founded Desaigner.

I have a degree in computer engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).

Currently, I'm working on the analysis, development and scalability of different types of web based applications. Especially using Ruby and some of its frameworks (like Ruby on Rails) and Javascript. Check out more projects I'm actually working on.

I like to participate in the different areas of a project (design, implementation, delivery, maintenance) and build robust and UX friendly applications, using agile methodologies. I always try to find pragmatic and simple solutions when solving problems. And follow good practices, both development and organization side. I'm also very interested in Team/Product management and architecture solutions. And everthing related to digital products in general.