May 2013

Hello world!

For a long time I wanted to have a personal site and blog. One day surfing on the Internet I found Jekyll and offers me everything that I need in a simple and easy way: static pages generator (html, js and css), blogging system (posts, categories, etc), generate content using Markdown, templates and layouts engine, GitHub Pages integration, customization and a lot of other interesting stuff. And it’s written in Ruby, one of my favourite languages.

Especially, I would highlight the simplicity to deploy the site. In case of using GitHub Pages (more information) as the server: commit your changes, push it to your repository and that’s it. If you are using any other hosting, just build the site (with a given task: jekyll build) and upload generated files to your server.

When you are in development mode, you can run the site (task: jekyll serve) locally. By default is served by WEBrick, a Ruby HTTP web server.

Another important point is the big community behind the framework. Some people contribute directly to the core, other people implementing extensions via plugins. There is already a considerable list of them.

Check the full documentation in Jekyll page.

Hello world!